Little more than a year after the unfortunate declaration of the US President on April 24th, 2021, it is tempting to blame the Turks with any cooked-up genocide accusation.

Isn’t that what the fanatic, racist “hate lobbies” love to do in their Wikipedia pages, with their unfounded Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, Assyrian Genocide etc. allegations? Reading through these, one wonders, “what other genocide is left out there that has not yet been attributed to Turks”, right? For example, can we also blame Turks for the Holocaust? It is no secret that certain so-called “genocide scholars” have even suggested that Ataturk, Founder of Turkey, being one of the most respected leaders of all times was somehow Hitler’s influencer on Holocaust! Although Turkey took no part in WWII and had absolutely nothing to do with Holocaust, these junk scholars shamelessly attempt to shift the blame on Turkey and its founders.