Great Accomplishments!


The Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance (TADA) has accomplished what no other organization has achieved in more than a century.

With the unwearied resolution of Ataturk at Gallipoli, TADA has forced Armenian Americans to retreat on multiple fronts in their Armenian genocide campaign.

Faced with TADA’s repeated written criticisms and a threatened lawsuit, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) airbrushed Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day from its school calendar for April 24, 2022, and abandoned the Day’s permanency. LAUSD’s cancellation achieved everything a lawsuit could have obtained—a stunning success. The customary bullying, vilification, threats, or vandalizing by Armenian Americans of Turkish Americans on April 24 virtually disappeared.

TADA also shipwrecked the collective effort of ANCA’s, the California Armenian Legislative Caucus, and the California Board of Education to have Facebook ban as hate speech like Holocaust denial views that contradict the Armenian genocide allegations. Among other things, a detailed letter was written to Mark Zuckerberg pointing out the infinite differences between the two, including the absence of any court judgment affirming the Armenian genocide claim and the absence of German Jews committing treason by defecting to the enemy in wartime.

TADA also derailed a joint effort by ANCA and the California State Legislative Armenian Caucus to sponsor an essay contest among high school students with monetary prizes for essays that most convincingly proved an identify between the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide claim. TADA wrote letters protesting the effort to inculcate hate against Turkish Americans by encouraging fraudulent genocide scholarship. A lawsuit would be risked if the essay contest moved forward. As a result, the essay contest was replaced by a program asking student contestants to write about Armenians they admire.

TADA’s advocacy before the California state legislature has occasioned an amendment to an existing law that would change “Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day” with “Genocide Remembrance Day,” the latter of which declines to affirm the Armenian genocide claim.

TADA has further opposed with a detailed letter enactment of the ill-conceived Armenian Genocide Education Act introduced in Congress and referred to the House Administration Committee. TADA has urged hearings and expert witnesses to ensure a complete understanding of the evidence that discredits the genocide claim, including the failure of the Armenians for 72 years to prove their claim before the International Court of Justice or any other tribunal with the trappings of due process. TADA expects the bill will die.

The LAUSD has voted to make April 24, 2023, and for two anniversaries thereafter Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. (The initial canceled resolution was permanent). TADA will continue to oppose LAUSD’s abject submission to ANCA-WR and is prepared to sue for violating the constitutional rights of Turkish Americans by intentionally or recklessly inspiring hate, violence, threats, bullying, or intimidation if the new school holiday is not canceled as before.

ANCA and other Armenian American lobbies have never previously backtracked from their “in your face” tactics in promoting the Armenian genocide claim. TADA is proud to have been the locomotive in their retreat.

We are dedicated to continuing until the surrender is complete and all Turkish Americans flourish openly and freely celebrating their heritage

Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance

-“If you do not stand up to them, they will walk all over you”




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