·The Armenian Diaspora’s violent attacks on our cultural identity has reached epic proportions.

·Armenian Diaspora organizations are targeting our vulnerable Turkish youth within the United States educational system by incorporating unproven genocide allegations into school curriculums under the cover of “genocide education” or “genocide awareness”, which is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER!

·This is despite the fact that no court of law has ever found that the Ottoman Armenian deaths of WWI were criminal. Under the United States Constitution and international law, every person commands a presumption of innocence which remains undisturbed until or unless a court of law finds a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. In the case of Ottoman Turks and Ottoman Armenians, no court has ever made such a finding.

·However, due to these Pro-Armenian changes in school curriculums, our Turkish-American children get demonized, shamed, verbally abused or even assaulted because of what allegedly transpired over a century ago for which they bear no legal or moral responsibility.

·As a result, our Turkish-American Children go through the deep trauma of being branded as “genocide perpetrators” due to their heritage when justice is individual and not collective, and “guilt by association” is prohibited by the United States Constitution and international human rights law.

·If our Turkish-American children intend to explain the Turkish version of the historical facts of WWI, they become branded as “genocide deniers” due to viewpoint discrimination and get subjected to the same trauma.

·Hence, NOW IS THE TIME for individual members of the Turkish Diaspora to step up, assume responsibility, advocate and be the voice for our children, adolescents and college age students who repeatedly are being maligned, bullied, shamed, and traumatized by the Armenian promulgators of this anti-Turkish propaganda campaign.

·YOU have the right to DEFEND YOUR CHILDREN against trauma caused by malicious Armenian propaganda and TADA CAN HELP.

·If you believe your child has been traumatized by these school curiculums, please contact TADA immediately at (406) 233-9377 or email or via website form TADA will keep your communication confidential


Protect children-oct 25 2022


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