About TADA

Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance [TADA] is an educational tax-exempt 501(c)(3) voluntary organization formed with the purpose of working towards protecting the rights of individuals of all diverse backgrounds and heritage against defamation and slander of any form in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Our communities stand united against racism. Hate against Turkish American communities has risen due to misinformation and political Anti-Turkish propaganda. Together, we can stop it.

TADA Projects:

Educating the public and supporting the next generation of scholars and attorneys in human rights and US constitution law fields in their education and development process.

Protection of the historical documents to be used and referenced in Law and History topics by Students, Attorneys, Writers, Researchers and Scholars.

Printing new books:
TADA holds the copyrights of 12 books that are vital to the History and Law, These books are in process of reprint and revision.

Search engine:
A powerful digital archive search engine for the Law and History researchers.

Defamation case studies:
TADA actively investigates and audits old and new defamation cases that are reported by the community.

TADA works closely with TALDF on legal cases

You can find successful cases completed by TALDF below
Legal cases by TALDF (Turkish American Legal Defence Fund)

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