In response to the decades long allegations of a so-called “Armenian Genocide,” a group of us called the “Concerned People to Set the Record Straight” – CPTSTRS took upon ourselves the task to set the record straight, as the name of the group implies. We are trying to achieve our goal to set the record straight by actually going back to the historical records, and publishing them in short, attention-getting, interesting and yet provocative brochures and bringing them to the attention of public at large at meetings, gatherings, halls of lawmakers, and politicians.
We are pleased that the response has been very positive. Being a grass-roots ad-hoc group, we welcome any interested and concerned person, group or organization to join us (info@cptstrs.org), or conversely, we are delighted to work with any group or organization whose goals are to expose the relentless fabrications that have not only flooded the market place, but also have found their way all the way into the political arena, such as the United States Congress.
The driving force behind this task is the recognition on our part that if in fact there had been such a “genocide,” it certainly would have been determined by now after close to a century that has elapsed since the events of 1915. We believe that it is because of the absence of any “proof” for the alleged genocide that mainly the Diaspora Armenians have resorted to distortions/deceptions/forgeries, or simply fabrications to try to prove their point. On the other hand, articles, books have been written and scholarly work done rebutting these “fabrications,” but they have gone unnoticed on somebody’s book-shelf or stayed collecting dust in some library if in fact they survived the onslaught of Armenians in trying to get them out of the libraries. There has also been additional onslaught by the Diaspora Armenians on the educational system of some countries to leave out the other side of the “two sides to a story” focusing only on the fabricated Armenian genocide. Please feel free to use especially the brochures to rebut the unfair Armenian fabrications.
Sevgin Oktay, Principal Co-founder

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