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Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance (TADA) is an educational tax-exempt 501(c)(3) volunteer organization formed with the purpose of working towards protecting the rights of individuals of all diverse backgrounds and heritage against racism, defamation and slander of any form in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

So far, TADA has focused on stopping the defamation of the Turkish people and seek accountability and fairness for all. To this end we have set specific steps:

• To Educate all American people with well-established historical data.
• Provide historical information to address accusations and give public speeches.
• Stand firm against Xenophobia, Racism, Discrimination, Pseudoscholarship, Pseudohistory and “Genocide Denier” accusations with evidence.
• If necessary, litigate harassment, bullying and all criminal acts.

Since its inception in 2016, TADA created TV-Forum platforms as an educational tool to reach folks of all different lives to exercise their freedom of speech and discuss their daily experiences freely. Some of these forums may be viewed as follows: www.TADAlliance.org.

United States is built on the power of diversity and providing freedom and opportunities for all. The resulting contributions and hard work, from productive teams has built one of the richest, most powerful nations. Unfounded allegations and the hostilities it is generating is destroying the structure of United States. It is creating confusion and anger in younger generations, further threatening our future.

Kind regards,

Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance Team

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